Guiding Alignment to Rise and Connect to your Highest Self 

Guiding Alignment to Rise and Connect to your Highest Self 

I have felt deeply connected to sound, movement and yoga for most of my life.  I started meditating at the age of 4 and began a yoga practice at a young age. The power of movement, breath, and energy has always uplifted and expanded my life.

My early career was intense, driven and successful - yet was not filling my inner cup. I was tired of long days and feeling flattened energetically and not really living to my higher Soul purpose. I changed paths and took the road less traveled. I moved overseas, got married, started a health-based business, had 3 beautiful children and entered into divine Motherhood. A shift happened and I began to step into alignment. I called back to what was already written in the song and vibration of my heart - to be in service and ignite inner wellness in others.

Yoga has helped me to connect to the Highest version of myself. I made the jump to immerse myself in 6 absolutely beautiful and transformational weeks in Byron Bay, Australia to complete my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  I woke up in the wee small hours of the morning to meditate, breathe, move, and tune inwards to nourish my inner cup. I sat in awe of the beauty of nature, the flow of the ocean, the whispers of the gum trees, the vibrations of the earth and nourished myself with delicious high vibe foods. I had the divine gift of silent introspection, deep study on yoga philosophy, asana, and breathwork. It helped to remind me what I already knew in my heart,  to be present, to be kind, and to surrender to the knowing that everything is happening for my greatest good. The beautiful dance of breathe, flow, and movement continuously brings me into alignment both on and off the mat. I hope to share the ancient and modern practices of yoga and meditation to help you experience the same joy of flow - of being conscious and connected to your Highest Self.

Sound therapy and sound healing has played directly to the melody of my heart. I hope to share the symphonies of sound with you to help you find calm, balance, and renewal.

Our total body wellness has been a focus for my entire adult life. I grew up making conscious decisions about the foods that I had on my plate and that carried into my adult life. My partner had an autoimmune disease and our future looked grim and completely unlike what I had pictured growing up. With faith, determination, and many hours of scientific research, we were able to reverse his autoimmune condition. He was able to come off all medications, we were able to create a family - a dream of mine since childhood. With the results we had seen, we knew we needed to share what we had found with the world and wrote a health program called The Paddison Program. Conscious choices of diet and lifestyle are transformational - they can lead to a truly happy life of health and total body wellness.

Motherhood has been my greatest gift in life. I created Glowing and Showing during my first pregnancy, which is an essential guide for Mama's seeking out how to follow a plant-based diet for Mama and Baby, how to connect and unite with Baby, embrace our growing bodies, nourish our body and spirit, and how to cultivate our powerhouse of strength as Mamas for labor, delivery, and beyond.

Raising three conscious Earth Angels has been a wild and indescribably beautiful ride! Helping children to find their inner voice, being able to pause, breathe, and love themselves and all living things has been the foundation of my children's upbringing. With intention you can empower your children with tools to be self-aware, empathetic, and kind. Build the values that you would like to see in your children and set the tone today for the light and kindness that they can bring into our world.

Our inner wellness is a reflection of our total body, mind, and Spirit. I look forward to being a part of your inner and outer wellness journey!

Personal Info

Melissa is a mother, entrepreneur, co- creator of The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis, creator of Glowing and Showing, A Plant- Based Pregnancy Guide, yoga & meditation teacher, and sound practitioner.

In 2013, Melissa felt the call to nourish and fill her inner cup and completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay, Australia. She continued training in Bali, completing her Soma Chandra Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  Melissa loves combining the medicine of Yin Yoga and Crystal Alchemy Sound Baths for deep restoration, healing, energy balance, and connection to Self. 

In all of the years following she continued to step into alignment to live consciously, live in the present, and tune inwards to find our inner and outer wellness.

She is also a graduate of The Sacred Science of Sound in Los Angeles and is under the mentorship of Professor Jeralyn Glass in the study of music and Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing.

Melissa lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and three children in the beautiful Northern Beaches.