Conscious Kids

Conscious Kids

Raising happy and balanced children is a goal of every parent. Giving ourselves and our children the tools to not only have FUN, but learn how to pause, breathe, self-regulate, have empathy, and instill kindness is essential in raising our children with an inner well-being to lift the world of tomorrow. With intention and love we can help them blossom and truly grow into their highest potential.

As a Mama of three children, I have seen how important it is to be able to help them build inner resources to help them cultivate true self-love, care and kindness. Happy, conscious, and self-confident children that are able to begin to tune inwards to listen to their inner voice and have a strong and supported relationship with their family is my hope for all children.

I created Conscious Kids as a tool for parents, school teachers or caretakers to be able to quickly connect with their children and build a connection within themselves to find calm and peace. We live in such a busy and technology driven world and to be able to unplug and simply *pause* and go within is a gift that we can give our children. Teaching them how to regulate their emotions, let go, breathe, and find calm is such a powerful tool for their total health.

In Conscious Kids We Will:

  • Practice Conscious Breathing
  • Listen to Sound Baths using Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Move our bodies
  • Practice Visualizing
  • Say Affirmations
  • Use our imagination
  • Be Silly and Laugh!