Sound Bath

What is Sound Bath?

There are symphonies of sound surrounding and enveloping us from the inner most chamber of our heart, to the pulse of the earth, to the harmonious flow of the oceans, and from the natural rhythms of our Universe.

A Sound Bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that helps us enter these perfect symphonies of sound. The sound waves gently wash over you and help you enter deep states of rest and relaxation. Enjoy receiving these sounds in a group setting or 1:1 session. It is a beautiful form of sound meditation that takes no effort, simply lay down and receive! Calm the mind, calm the nervous system, and allow your body to immerse and entrain with vibrational healing.

Everything in the Universe is sound and light energy, in constant vibration. We can tune inwards and allow the sound vibrations and frequencies emitted by crystal alchemy bowls and various sound instruments to bring us into a state of balance and alignment. When played together in harmony the bowls help to unblock and clear energetic pathways, allowing your energy to flow and move fluidly through your body.  Our physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual health are balanced and we leave feeling restored and renewed.

Listen, Receive, and May you feel Love

I completed my Sound Bath and Sound Healing training with Sacred Science of Sound, Professor Jeralyn Glass in Los Angeles. I offer Sound Bath experiences in Sydney's Northern Beaches and virtually for 1:1 or group sessions.

What are Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

They are magnificent and powerful sound healing tools. The Crystal Alchemy Bowls are one of a kind pieces of sonic art that emit their own vibrational thumbprint.They are an ancient tool that emits vibrations and frequencies to bring our body back into alignment and balance. Each bowl is made from 99.992% pure quartz crystal and infused with different gems, minerals, metals, and earth elements. Our human body is crystalline in structure, and the quartz crystal may have a deeply healing effect on our organs, muscles, tissues, and cells.

Each bowl plays a different musical note and is tuned to a different energetic center in the body. When played together in harmony the bowls help to unblock and clear energetic pathways, allowing your energy to flow and move fluidly through your body, bringing it back into alignment and promote mind-body healing.

Sound Healing and Yin & Sound Immersions with Melissa 

A sonic meditation space to rest, receive, and be held in crystalline sound. Tune into a soundscape of premium Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy singing bowls, crystal harp, koshi chimes, and various sound healing instruments. Tune inwards and allow for healing vibrations of 528 hz to wash over you, the frequency of DNA repair, miracles, and unconditional love. Deeply relax and effortlessly enter states of optimal healing for total mind-body wellness. Energetically leaving alinged, balanced, and with improved physical and emotional wellbeing.